When you participate in an auction, you must review and agree to the full terms and conditions before you bid.


Before deciding whether to participate in an auction, you should read and understand the auction guidelines. This information is provided as a summary only. Please note that these notes are informational only, which is why we recommend a full title search and enquiries. When you participate in an auction, you must review and agree to the full terms and conditions before you bid (included in your Notice of Sale). Please review the full Terms and Condition of sale carefully.

Online Bidding Terms and Conditions

JTR Auction House Online Bidding Terms and Conditions are supplemental, meaning that they shall be read together with the Terms and Conditions of Registration of Bidders and apply in addition to the general Conditions of Sale in the Proclamation of Sale and other terms and conditions applicable to bidders and buyers participating in the subject Sale (collectively, the "Conditions of sale") and shall be deemed incorporated by reference and made a part of the Conditions of sale for such Sale.

1. Intending Purchaser who has done online bank tranfer or possess a Bank Draft be equal to 5% or 10%(whichever applicable) of the fixed Reserve Price is qualified to become a bidder.

2. Qualified bidder may delegate another to act as an Agent or Representative in his behalf.  The delegate is required to submit a Letter of Authority and Identity Card photocopy of the intending  purchaser. (Please refer to Conditions of Sale).

1. Bring along the Identity Card to qualify to bid and present it for identification and registration.

2. Important to bank online tranfer or submit Bank Draft amounting 5% or 10%  (whichever applicable) of the fixed Reserve Price.

3. Do bring extra Fund as additional deposit to subsidize if there is increment on the fixed Reserve Price.

4. Specify your details required in the Bidder’s Registration Form.

1. Always check the specific deposit amount requested and the Bank Draft is correctly payable

2. Unprepared and unattentiveness during call bids at the auction, will make you lose a probable opportunity. 

3. Certainly do not bring Personal or Company cheques as Auction deposits

4. To be present  earlier to avoid dissappointment.

5. It is important to follow to the Auction proceedings very carefully to avoid unawareness.

6. Observe the details provided in the Memorandum of Sale are correct before endorsement.

7. Necessary to switch off or vibrate  the handphone to avoid interuption during auction in the premises.

1. For an individual bidder:-
- A photocopy of his / her NRIC card (both sides)
- Correspondence address

2. For a Corporation:
- A certified true copy of the Company Memorandum and Articles of Association.
- Form  24 and 49
- Board of Directors’ Resolution

3. For Agent/ Representative:
- Letter of Authority from the Intending Bidder.
- A photocopy of the NRIC card (both sides)

1. Obtain the Proclamation, Conditions and Terms of  Sale from the Auctioneer.

2. Make necessary enquiries and confirm essential documents to be furnish for participation.

3. Final check out with Auctioneer before proceeding for auction.