Check out your choice location of various interesting properties for auction sale at attractive and reduced reserve prices


You are about to take the first step towards one of the simplest and most exciting ways of selling your property online.

Auctioneer can help to sell your property as earliest possible.

If you are looking for a speedy sale, certainty than the auctioneer can help fix an auction date to sell your property as earliest possible. Once the hammer falls, the buyer has to put down a 10% deposit, then the buyer have normally 3 to 4 months given for the remaining 90%.

The seller may at his own discretion request the Auctioneer to set a minimum price to be fixed as the Reserve Price.

The auction will take place in our JTR Auction Hall with Dual Bidding Auction System- Online eBidding & Floor Bidding (On Site). We have a well equipped Auction Hall to conduct the property auctions for our clients.

There is no charges to do the marketing. If the seller request special advertisement than advertising fee is usually paid before marketing the property. Alternative payment arrangements may be able to be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

You will have 2 options if the auction is unsuccesfull. First, the property can be withdrawn from sale and fix another reserve price. Secondly, you can accept the offer and still sell the property.